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ballet slippers

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ballet slippers

ballet slippers ballet slippers ballet slippers

ballet slippers

Volunteers scrubbed the blackened walls, unveiling the once-forgotten massive golden relief, a sculptural technique where the figures are raised from a flat surface, depicting scenes of nature, people, creatures. Seats were updated to accommodate handicapped patrons, the carpet was replaced and air conditioning was installed. Even the most minute details could not be overlooked in bringing the theater back to life. Nine months and nearly $1 million later, the doors reopened in September 1973 as the symphony’s new home, and looking just as it did in 1931. Only now, the one-time move palace was a concert hall, a stage for ballet dancers, singers, bands, comedy acts and, of course, a venue for classic film screenings.

Gabriel o Pensador’s Brazilian Carnival: 9 p.m.-midnight March 8, The UC ballet slippers Theatre Taube Family Music Hall, 2036 University Ave., Berkeley, Brazilian rapper, writer and composer Gabriel O Pensador is known for his intellectual lyrics, which speak of activism and issues of race, politics, social problems and the Catholic church, $37.50-$260,, Walnut Creek History Walking Tour: 9:30-11 a.m, March 9, Liberty Bell Plaza, Broadway and Mt, Diablo Boulevard, Walnut Creek,

Details: 8 p.m. May 11-12; $40-$60; 866-663-1063, 5 “Forever Plaid”: This popular staple of the regional theater circuit embraces, with the hint of a wink, the innocence of the 1950 boy band era, when groups like the Four Freshman delivered pleasant harmonies and above-board lyrics. If you’re aching for entertainment from a simpler time, Tri-Valley Repertory Company is presenting the musical revue at Hayward’s Douglas Morrisson Theatre. A review of the production is here.

Take away the recording costs, and it’s essentially found money — a way to profit from a concert outside of ticket sales, It’s primarily a service for the die-hard fan: Springsteen offers a discount to fans who purchase every single show of the “River” tour, “Our fans are both loyal and rabid and have always been voracious to devour as much content as we ballet slippers are willing to deliver,” Magner said, As Disco Biscuit members get older, they don’t tour as much, he said, Nugs offers them a way to stay in touch..

Wednesday, March 19. “The 100”³ (CW at 9 p.m.) A refreshingly taut and well-executed futuristic sci-fi series about a group of 100 jailed juvenile delinquents who are banished from an orbiting space-station colony and sent to live on Earth — 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse. They’ve barely crash-landed when things get pretty “Lord of the Flies,” but a determined young woman (Eliza Taylor) tries her best to stick to the group’s real mission: Locate a mountain bunker and determine whether or not the rest of the humans on the dying space station above can join them on land. What they discover — along with mutant deer — is that Earth is not as depopulated as they were led to believe.