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This article will be amended as and when more phones gain raw format support, so check back periodically to see if your handset gets an update. Not quite. On both the LG G4 and HTC One M9, raw imaging is baked into the stock camera app, but you'll need to put the phones into manual mode in order to unlock it. That means you'll have to take control over all the settings yourself to get the picture looking its best, and functions like HDR and panorama are out of the question. No. At the time of writing, very few Android apps allow you to edit raw images. Instead, you'll have to transfer them to your computer and use tools like Lightroom or free alternatives like GIMP. That's probably for the best though, as a larger screen is useful for the fine control you'll need over white balance, shadows and highlights.

It's likely however that as more phones start taking photos in raw format, top-name apps like Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Express and even Instagram will start to let you edit raw files on your phone, That's probably not iphone case etsy a good idea, For one, it's more time consuming to take a photo in raw using manual mode than in JPEG on auto mode, The G4 can already take great photos in auto, so there's no real need to leave that setting, However, if you're taking your time over a particularly arty shot and want to get the highest image quality possible, it is worth the switch -- see the image below, where I used a long shutter speed and made various processing tweaks in Lightroom to make the image look its best..

As you can't edit the files on your phone, it'll also mean you can't process and share your photos until you get home, upload them to your computer and tweak the settings. It's also definitely worth keeping in mind that a raw file is much larger than a JPEG as they save so much extra information. A raw file on the M9 is around 40mb -- ten times larger than a JPEG equivalent, so unless you've got endless storage space on your phone, JPEG files will be the better option. Yes and no. As raw photos strip out the processing done by the phone's software, we can see what the camera hardware is physically capable of. In the HTC One M9's case, I much prefer the raw file (and how I can process it) than the JPEG, which has unpleasant amounts of noise reduction and colour correction. What it's shown is that the software on phones needs to improve.

However, while raw is a good step to improving overall image quality, its time-consuming nature and big file sizes means it's not a viable option for iphone case etsy everyday shooting, Plus, phone manufacturers aren't likely to ditch their own processing software altogether, so you'll still be at the mercy of their auto modes for most of the time, We should still be holding companies like HTC to account for their poor image processing software on their phones, No, There are still massive differences in the hardware between your phone and camera, Physically larger image sensors, brighter, higher quality lenses and more powerful image processors mean dedicated digital cameras are still capable of producing significantly better results..

Not sure what raw images are or why you want them on your phone? Read on to find out everything you need to know. Shooting in raw is a term that's been familiar to digital camera users for several years now, but it's only recently started to spread out into the world of camera phones. It has various advantages compared to taking photos in JPEG format, but it does require a couple of changes in how you take your photos. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.