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iphone case jb hi fi

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iphone case jb hi fi

There's a solid chance we'll see a 12-inch (or so) iPad in the fall, and if we do, it'll live side by side with the new 12-inch MacBook . One's a laptop, one's a tablet. Apple doesn't completely connect the dots between the two like Microsoft does with Surface, or like what you can get on a ton of other hybrid Windows PCs. But iOS 9 and what it does for the iPad is another major step across the divide. We may not see Macs and iPads fuse this year, but we're getting closer to overlap than ever before.

And I'm very happy about what that bodes for the future, Commentary: The iPad is transforming, Soon, it might be a better work machine than ever..and iOS 9 hints at what iPad changes might still be coming, It's been three years at least since I first wanted the iPad to turn into something closer to a full computer, Third-party accessory manufacturers did a good job iphone case jb hi fi delivering keyboard alternatives, but what I really wanted -- for starters, anyway -- was trackpad support, In light of the announcements at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, it looks like Apple listened to my wish list: suddenly, the iPad seems like a major focus in iOS 9 , And that's a really good thing, because the iPad needs a big boost now more than ever: five years into the product's lifecycle, sales are down for a variety of reasons..

Is there an overwhelming sense of excitement about Apple's new music service and radio station?. I haven't heard it yet. Perhaps it will take a while for the echoes to reach my analog ears. But having presented Apple Music -- which includes a 24/7 radio station called Beats 1 -- at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple immediately began selling it. The Apple Music Twitter feed began pumping high energy ads, so that you can retweet as you jig to the beat. One ad is a statement of intent. It tries to place Apple's new music service in historical perspective. It's less about the Crazy Ones. Instead, it's about -- in Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor's words -- music being treated less like the "digital bits, and more like the art it is."This comes worryingly close to the launch of streaming music service Tidal, where Alicia Keyes, Jay Z and (wealthy) friends behaved like they were the 12 apostles coming down to bless us all and save us with their Tidal offering.

Just like Tidal, Apple claims it will support not just the famous artists, but "the kids in their bedrooms." Apple believes that music needed a home, so it built it one, Generous, perhaps, But with this introductory ad, not entirely simple, Not Apple simple, at least, Another ad leads you through the history of sound, It's beautifully done, and the idea is that Apple Music is the iphone case jb hi fi next great progression that began with the foot-tap and the drum-bang, The question is whether what was presented really feels like it's the next great step..

Doubts abound. Is there one utterly compelling thing about Apple Music, something that makes Spotify users immediately give up their commitment? It doesn't seem like it. What about Apple's new radio station, Beats 1? Yes, I said radio station. The new ad for this is delightful, uplifting, emotional and very Apple. But is it compelling? Yes, people all around the world love listening to music. Yes, the track on this ad is wonderful. Well, Pharrell wonderful. But there's one scene that is a touching giveaway to what Apple is attempting here. There's a young man steering a boat down a river. He's wearing a well-worn "Think Different" Apple T-shirt.