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man u iphone case

Either way, Apple has only offered Apple Watch online and, until Thursday, gave no indication of when it would offer the device in-store. With a timeline now in place and the smartwatch headed to more markets this month, it's likely Apple Watch will be on more wrists in the coming weeks. Apple is holding its Worldwide Developers Conference next week, with CEO Tim Cook delivering a keynote on Monday. It's possible that the company will talk up Apple Watch at the show and maybe even reveal sales numbers. It's unclear why Apple decided to announce the Apple Watch news on Thursday rather than wait until Monday to share the details during its keynote.

Regardless, Apple has cleared up some of the questions customers and analysts have been speculating on, In addition to its retail stores, Apple said that in some international markets, it'll offer the device in "select Apple Authorized Resellers" stores, including The Hour Glass in Singapore, This story has been updated throughout the morning, Apple says most orders placed in May will be man u iphone case delivered to customers within the next two weeks, Customers around the world will have more ways to get their hands -- or wrists -- on Apple Watch in the coming weeks..

But what Apple's developers conference on Monday will have is software -- and plenty of it. The Cupertino, Calif., consumer electronics giant will host its Worldwide Developer Conference from June 8 to 12 in San Francisco. More than 5,000 app makers will attend the two-hour keynote speech on Monday, as well as the more than 100 technical sessions held during the week for information about the software powering Apple's various devices. The company typically uses its WWDC keynote to reveal features and new versions of its iOS and Mac OS X software, which power its mobile devices and computers, respectively.

Many developers have traditionally favored Apple's iOS over Google's Android operating system, opting to man u iphone case create apps for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch before making similar software for Android devices, That's because they've traditionally made more money from iOS apps, and it's often easier to make apps for Apple's few devices instead of the dozens of different Android phones, tablets and smartwatches, But earlier this year, Android surpassed iOS in mobile ad revenue for the first time, according to a May report by Opera Mediaworks, Stats from the report covering the first quarter of 2015 show Android with a share of 45.8 percent of all revenue generated by advertisements across mobile devices throughout the world, narrowly edging out iOS by a fraction of a percentage point, Also, since April 2014, Android has been outgunning iOS in mobile ad traffic, helping show the rise of Android devices..

Nearly half of all developer teams support iOS, while 62 percent of developers support Android phones and 36 percent make Windows Phone apps, according to Forrester Research. "Apple needs to maintain its momentum and thought leadership coming out of WWDC," Forrester analyst Frank Gillett said. He noted that while Google poses a threat, Android still suffers from slower adoption of the latest version of the software, as well as fragmentation. (There are over 400 companies making Android devices, 500 carriers supporting the operating system and 4,000 distinct Android devices available worldwide, according to Google at its developer conference last month.).