Pomme D'or Ballet Flats

pomme d'or ballet flats

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pomme d'or ballet flats

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Wilson also gave a special thank you to Dan Ferlizza and the PIASC for their ongoing support, With support from the club, the entire group has raised about $150,000 for Mission Hospice since the first dinner-dance was held in 2009, Proceeds from the fundraiser help support patients who cannot afford hospice care, The sixth annual event will be held March 29, In addition, Maryann Raab was thanked for her successful two years of service as board chairwoman, Founded in 1984, pomme d'or ballet flats the Mission Hospice Auxiliary is a group of dedicated volunteers who raise funds and increase awareness of the services provided by Mission Hospice & Home Care, Their support helps ensure that everyone in the community has the physical, emotional and spiritual support they need to spend their last days with dignity, and surrounded by loved ones, In 2013, the volunteers raised nearly $200,000 to benefit Mission Hospice patients and programs..

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The Trocks artful spoofs work on several levels, Ouellette says, as the comedy resonates with ballet fans “while also introducing ballet to people who may not have seen it much before.”, In celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Zellerbach debut, the Trocks are performing updated productions of “Swan Lake (Act II)” and “Don Quixote,” works that it first presented back in 1976 (plus a scene from pomme d'or ballet flats “La Esmeralda”), The company’s Cal Performances residency also includes a Dying Swan Community Dance Class at 10 a.m, Saturday led by Trocks dancers in the Hearst Gymnasium (participation is $5) and a free demonstration on the “process and rituals of transformation into their ballerina personae” at 6 p.m, Thursday in the Durham Studio Theater, Details are available at calperformances.org..

Maybe it’s time to find an alternative. Imagine strolling across a farm field in the late afternoon sun and chatting with other members of the audience as you sit down together at a long table with 100 place settings under the open sky. Soon you’ll dig in to a gourmet feast of locally sourced fare, served family-style. Then you’ll amble over to an outdoor stage to experience the world premiere of a work by an acclaimed choreographer, performed by seven hand-picked dancers. That dream will become a reality for those who reserve a place for AIR, the third installment in the choreographer Julia Adam’s Elemental Series, being presented by her company over two weekends in West Marin. (AIR follows Adam’s WoodLand Project last summer and BoatHouse Project in 2014.).