Rosegold Pink On Gray Marble Metallic Foil Style Iphone Case

rosegold pink on gray marble metallic foil style iphone case

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rosegold pink on gray marble metallic foil style iphone case

rosegold pink on gray marble metallic foil style iphone case

This isn't the first time someone has tried to steal a gadget from a child. Just a couple of years ago, a store surveillance camera in the UK captured a man of some years stealing an iPhone from a child who was watching a cartoon. Gadget theft has been big business for quite some time. Street criminals prey on the defenseless, with phones being their main priority. Recently, though, big cities such as London and New York have seen a drop in iPhone theft, as you can now activate a so-called kill switch when your phone is stolen.

Some thieves glory in their callousness, In the Houston case, however, perhaps the teen didn't calculate that his own parents might be the ones to turn him in, Police now say he might have been involved in other crimes, I wonder what his mom will say if he is, Technically Incorrect: A Houston mom sees surveillance video of a young man taking an iPad from a child and pushing the child, Then she thinks she recognizes the young man, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our rosegold pink on gray marble metallic foil style iphone case lives..

But not everyone uses anonymous social networking apps to bully others -- sometimes we just need to (anonymously) vent. Now that Secret's closing, here are four other anonymous social networking apps to turn to when you need to rant about your boss without getting fired. Sarah Jacobsson Purewal/CNET. Whisper (Android, iOS) recently passed 10 million monthly active users, a stat announced the same day Secret's shutdown notice was posted (oh, snap). The secret-sharing social network is aimed at the younger crowd, and lets you upload your anonymous confessions in meme-like block letters over stock photography. Whisper has put some anti-bullying measures in place: posts with names are banned and the company has set up a nonprofit called Your Voice, which provides resources for people dealing with anxiety, stress, bullying and sexuality, among other things.

Yik Yak (Android, iOS) is a location-based anonymous social network - users can comment and vote on other users' posts, but only within their community, You can "peek" on the activities of other communities, but you can't interact with them, To prevent bullying, Yik Yak has worked with mapping companies to , effectively banning the app in those places (namely, middle schools and high schools), Yik Yak has been banned in nearly 85 percent of US high schools, For the high schoolers who can't access Yik Yak, there's After School (iOS), a teen-focused anonymous social networking app where kids can post without having to worry about parents or teachers, After School has several anti-bullying measures in place -- no post is published before being reviewed by a member of the After School rosegold pink on gray marble metallic foil style iphone case staff, After School uses location data and Facebook verification to ensure that only real members of a school can post in a school's After School community..

Unlike the other apps on this list, Rumr (Android, iOS) is only semi-anonymous. This app lets you chat semi-anonymously with a group of friends or contacts. While the chatroom does have a member list, so you can see who's there, each member is given an anonymous icon and color when they post a message to the board. Users can also change their colors in the middle of the chat, just in case things get a little too real. Secret's shutting down -- here's where to get your anonymous social networking fix.