Stick To Your Guns Iphone Case

stick to your guns iphone case

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stick to your guns iphone case

stick to your guns iphone case

Similarly on this shot of the Eiffel Tower, I've been able to increase the brightness of the sky, as well as tone down some of the strong highlights on the tower's lights. The G4 does save a lot of information in the photos that would be otherwise lost in JPEG. Here, I've taken a sky from nearly black to a nicer blue, as well as brightening the green grass in the foreground. It's important to note, however, that photo apps such as Snapseed don't yet work with raw files, so you will need to use a computer with photo-editing software to tweak the raw images. The file sizes are much larger too -- around 20MB per file for raw images, against around 4.5MB for a JPEG -- so using a microSD card to store images will be crucial.

It's not all good in low light, however, When you're using the phone in auto mode, the camera increases the ISO speed in order to shoot at a fast shutter speed to avoid blur from your hands moving, This results in a shot that, while bright, is plagued by image noise when viewed full-screen, If you want to take the best low-light shots, you'll want to use a tripod and put it in manual mode, You can then select the lowest ISO possible and slow down the shutter speed to let in more light, The camera's interface is simple and easy to get used to, Even when shooting in manual mode, the available settings are clearly displayed stick to your guns iphone case along the bottom, and when a setting is changed, the image on screen changes immediately to show you whether your shot will be over or underexposed..

Double-tapping on the volume-down button on the rear of the phone fires up the camera immediately, which I found very handy while walking around the Paris streets. It uses the same laser-assisted auto focus from the G3, although in my time with the phone, I didn't find it focussed any quicker -- or more accurately -- than the iPhone 6 or S6 Edge. The G4's camera is capable of taking some superb shots in a variety of conditions. Outdoors, it captured bright skies with strong colours, although wasn't always able to balance bright and dark areas. It's the low-light skills, in particular the manual controls and raw image shooting, that really make it stand out from its competitors.

Keep in mind, however, that to get the best from the phone at night, you'll need to use a tripod and play with manual settings, all of which will take a certain amount of planning and time, We tour the French capital to see how the new phone's raw-shooting camera fares in a variety of conditions -- and how it compares to the Galaxy stick to your guns iphone case S6 Edge and iPhone 6, The LG G4 is the Korean company's latest flagship phone, packing a supercharged quad-core processor and a higher-than-HD, slightly curved display into a body that you can have wrapped in real leather, One of its most impressive features is its camera, which has been given a decent boost from last year's G3 -- that's what we're taking a closer look at here..

Already launched in Korea, LG's newest marquee handset, the G4, will roll out globally in late May and early June. All four major US carriers will carry the device as well as US Cellular, and it'll be available in the UK and Australia too. One of the standout features of the G4 is the real stitched leather back cover, which looks and feels considerably more premium than the plastic options. In the UK, this tan leather colour is exclusive to the O2 network, but will be available globally. The other back plates have either a ceramic paint or metallic elements. It feels similar to the G3's faux-metal backing. We also liked the subtle "dented" diamond pattern on the back that catches light in an interesting manner.