Types Of Iphone Screen Protectors

types of iphone screen protectors

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types of iphone screen protectors

Apple declined to comment for this story. In January 2001, Apple introduced its iTunes digital jukebox software that let users import songs from CDs and manage their personal music libraries. It wasn't until two years later that it started allowing people to purchase digital songs from the iTunes Music Store for 99 cents apiece. The reasoning behind the offering was to not only make more money but also to get users hooked on iTunes and Apple's iPod music players. "Consumers don't want to be treated like criminals, and artists don't want their valuable work stolen," Steve Jobs, Apple's then-CEO, said in an April 2003 press release announcing the service. "The iTunes Music Store offers a groundbreaking solution for both."iTunes ended up making the iPod the best-selling music player in the market and kickstarted Apple's ascent in the electronics industry. A year ago, Apple revealed it had sold 35 billion songs since launching iTunes.

Jobs, known for his love of music, was defiant about a subscription service for years, He called the subscription model "bankrupt" in Rolling Stone in 2003 and told Reuters "people want to own their music" in 2007, But as streaming options grew in popularity, Apple realized it needed to go with the flow, The company in 2013 launched iTunes Radio, a Pandora-like streaming radio service that generates revenue from advertising -- and from sales promoted by a big red and green "buy song" link included on the screen types of iphone screen protectors while a tune plays..

The falling demand for song downloads -- and the lukewarm response to iTunes Radio -- is part of the reason Apple decided to purchase Beats. Legendary record producer Jimmy Iovine, rapper Dr. Dre and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor all joined Apple through the acquisition, and Beats Music Chief Executive Ian C. Rogers became the head of iTunes Radio. Until this point, Beats and iTunes have remained separate services, though they've pooled expertise and resources. And so far, Apple has done little publicly with Beats besides pushing its music service with current iTunes customers and promoting its headphones in Apple Stores.

That will change when Apple shows off its revamped service on Monday, While Apple had pressed the record labels for a lower price, its service will likely cost the industry standard of $10 a month, The Beats Music identity is going away, and Apple also likely will embed the offering into its current Music app, which means it automatically shows up on iPhones and iPads, The revamped service likely will include many of Beat's features -- such as curated playlists -- but will incorporate a more Apple-like look and feel, The company also has reportedly been pursuing exclusive deals with artists to offer their albums on the new service first, and its offering could give types of iphone screen protectors musicians more control over their material, providing them with pages where they can post track samples, videos and concert details..

Apple also is reportedly revitalizing iTunes Radio with channels programmed and hosted by live DJs, including high profile artists like Drake. In the year since Apple unveiled its plans to buy Beats, the streaming music service has watched competitors' usage grow while its own held stagnant. Except for Pandora, which is run by a publicly traded company, online music services don't provide regular updates about their listeners. But third-party peeks indicate Beats Music's status dawdled while it sat on the sidelines.