You Can Do Everything You Want Iphone Case

you can do everything you want iphone case

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you can do everything you want iphone case

you can do everything you want iphone case

If you're near-sighted, fret not. The SVR Glass lenses can be adjusted for near-sightedness, though there's really no indicator to let you know how much you need to turn the focus ring. It's touch and go, but when I tried it without my glasses, things appeared pretty sharp (though I can't say the same for the poor quality display of the test phone). The build quality isn't quite as polished as the more expensive Gear VR, so don't get your hopes up. I found it too plasticky in general, and it felt more like a cheap toy than the refined-looking gadget shown on the SVR Glass website.

Content-wise, the app comes with a whole bunch of ready-made videos you can download, though the iOS version of the app it seems to be missing movies, based on screenshots shown on the SVR website, The Android app you can do everything you want iphone case (which is not in the Play Store) may offer a different experience, This Chinese virtual reality headset will fit any phone with screen sizes ranging from 4.7 to 6 inches and it costs under $50, SHANGHAI -- When it comes to Chinese products, most people expect to find cheap knock-offs and designs that look remarkably similar to branded ones, So it should be no surprise to most that the SVR Glass virtual reality headset from Chinese company SnailVR would look like the more expensive Samsung Galaxy Gear VR..

Traditionally, to achieve these photos you need to manipulate perspective and depth of field with a dedicated tilt-shift lens and dSLR. However, the miniature effect can be mimicked using tools like Photoshop, or even a smartphone. Ben Thomas is a photographer who has captured cities around the world in their full tilt-shift glory. Although he often uses traditional photographic gear, he also uses a smartphone for many of his images. Thomas suggests starting with something that reminds you of your childhood. "Cars, trains, planes even playgrounds and the beach make great subjects," he says.

Step one: The key to achieve a good result is to find a high vantage point, Try photographing subjects from buildings looking down to the ground; a bridge; you can do everything you want iphone case Ferris Wheel or even in a sports stadium, Keep your composition relatively simple and make sure any human subjects are small in the scene, Ensure there is plenty of light available so you can take the sharpest starting photo possible, Step two: Load up a tilt-shift filter in your default camera app, Look for something called miniature or blur effect, Otherwise, you can use a separate app to edit an existing photo that you have already taken..

Some third-party apps to create tilt-shift photos include TiltShiftGen2 for iOS. Windows Phone users can try the Lumia Creative Studio app with a tilt-shift effect (look for the blur menu). For Android, grab Pixlr for free. Otherwise, Instagram also has a tilt-shift effect. Step three: If you are taking the photo from within the tilt-shift app, adjust the exposure if necessary to avoid blowing out highlights or losing detail in shadow areas. Step four: Now it's time to add the effect to your photo and select your plane of focus. Depending on the app, you can usually adjust other variables like the amount of blur.