Just Alpacas Natural Iphone Case

just alpacas natural iphone case

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just alpacas natural iphone case

just alpacas natural iphone case

One of the early tensions between the design and engineering team stemmed from an early prototype of the camera module, which was too deep to fit into the body of the smartphone. The result was an awkward bump in the back. "It was like a belly button," said Ji Youn Lheem, chief strategic designer for the G4. The designers pushed the camera team to shave millimeters off the module. They succeeded, finally getting it flush with the rear button controls on the G4. "We poured more effort and time into the camera," said Namsu Lee, who was in charge of the G4 camera.

The highlight feature for the new camera, however, is the addition of a color scanner, which surveys the environment and visual spectrum to capture the most accurate colors, The scanner uses satellite image-recognition technology to figure out what the objects are so it can then determine the most appropriate colors, "It sounds kind of crazy, and it is kind of crazy," Woo said, boasting that it was a first in the smartphone and camera fields, That color accuracy is important because the biggest change in the G4's LCD quad high-definition display is its ability to present more accurate colors on the screen, I was skeptical about the difference until Woo showed me an image of a bright red flower on the G3 and iPhone 6 Plus, He then showed me the same image on the G4 -- the red from the two previous phones looked orange, Woo boasted that it's the "perfect display."That makes the G4 display able to meet 98 percent of a Hollywood visual color standard called the Digital Cinema Initiative, Woo said, The iPhone 6 just alpacas natural iphone case Plus, which Woo said is likely the best alternative in the market, hits 80 percent of the standard, according to Woo..

Apple wasn't available to comment. "It's totally different than any other display on the planet," Woo said. LG has also been working over the years to improve its user interface, largely by eliminating its own custom applications and relying more on Android experiences. The G4 is no different -- LG worked with Google to ensure apps like the Chrome browser are front and center. For its latest user experience, LG opted to reduce the amount of screens filled with preloaded apps and offer a "Smart Bulletin" page on the phone where users can load their widgets, the small apps that remain on the screen and provide real-time information like weather updates and stock prices.

JinHae Choi, director of LG's user experience or UX Lab, sees the Smart Bulletin as a potential tool for controlling connected devices like smart light bulbs and appliances down the line, The feature is part of a push to deliver a friendlier, more helpful G4, which the company hopes will help less technically savvy users navigate through the minutia of the Android operating system, Whether any of these improvements matter is still up in the air, LG's G3 success still lags far behind that of Apple or even Samsung -- which had a down year in 2014, Analysts believe LG needs to pour more resources into marketing to raise its profile with customers if it wants to compete with the iPhone and Galaxy S just alpacas natural iphone case franchises..

With the G4, the company is opting to zig while others zag toward metal. LG hopes the personal touch will allow it to stand out. "We wanted to make something soft, warm, that people wanted to touch, and not only look at," Lee said. The question is will it be also something they want to buy. From embracing a leather exterior to adding a flashy new camera, LG hopes to win customers away from its better-known competitors. An inside look at its factory in South Korea shows it's ramping up for a big launch.